The member of bangtan has once again shown his love for Mexico when listening to regional Mexican music.

v recently shared with ARMY some thoughts and emotions about the release of the new album by BTS, but he also made it known that he was listening to different songs, some songs from Disney What “Under the sea” of the movie “The little Mermaid”, but also other singles, including one in Spanish that caused a stir among his followers.

Taehyung started listening “Cucurrucucu dove”, in the voice of the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso. This theme was written by the original composer of Zacatecas, Tomas Mendez, and has been interpreted by important figures of the Mexican regional, such as Pedro Infante in the film “School for Tramps” until Angela Aguilar, who is the new promise of music in the country Aztec.

Previously in his stories on his official Instagram account, V showed his followers a small clip wearing a filter that placed a mustache on him that he accompanied with the melody. “Remember me” of the movie “Coconut” of pixar Y Disney, which is played by the actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

Do you like the way V shows the great affection he has for Mexican music and its general culture?