The popular member of bts showed his most vulnerable side in the advance of the video of “In the soup: Friendship”

“In The Soop: Frienddication” Sneak Peek Shows V, member of BTS and his confession about having devised a getaway from the city with his best friends.

“I have no barriers when I am with all of you.”

exclaimed taehyung in reference to the great and close friendship he has with celebrities, so they added that it was because they all knew each other very well for some time.

The July 18, “In the soup” revealed a new teaser for the spin-off with Taehyung and his friends from wooga squad and one of the most moving scenes was the crying of the member of Bangtan that also made everyone cry ARMY because of the vulnerability that V shows in the scene.

The most touching moment of the new preview was when V cried in front of his friends. While everyone slept in the dark, one of his companions noticed that the Idol was crying, so the others got up and shined his flashlights to accompany him and comfort him.

You can see the scene that has moved the whole ARMY here in the following video: