Utility tariffs have increased significantly in Ukraine

Utility tariffs in Ukraine have increased significantly during the year. Electricity prices have risen the most, by almost 70%, reports the Ukrainian publication Vesti, citing data from the State Statistics Service.

According to the department, from October last year to October this year, the price of electricity increased by 69.7%.

In addition, the price for garbage removal increased by 8.7%, tariffs for housing maintenance and repairs increased by 3.9%, management services for apartment buildings – by 2.7%, and water supply services – by 0.8%. On average, housing and communal services prices increased by more than 13% over the year.

On November 7 , it was reported that the Ukrainian government would take additional measures to ensure the safety and uninterrupted operation of the energy infrastructure in the autumn-winter period.

The authorities will also have to resolve the issue of repaying the debt of critical infrastructure enterprises. First of all, we are talking about overdue electricity bills.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced preparations for the worst winter in the country’s history.

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