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USSR actor Vasily Livanov spoke about the behavior of Alla Pugacheva

88-year-old actor Vasily Livanov expressed his opinion about the behavior of 75-year-old Alla Pugacheva. The artist explained the reason for the negative reviews on the Internet regarding her latest visit to Russia.

According to Livanov, fans cannot forgive the singer for leaving during a difficult period for the country after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. Pugacheva and her family moved to Israel, and then after the outbreak of the conflict there she left for Cyprus.

After a short stay in Russia, Pugacheva published a message on social networks in which she expressed her outrage at those who criticize her and said that they are trying to alienate people who have always supported her.

However, Livanov told the publication, that he absolutely doesn’t care about Pugacheva and other artists who left the country. According to him, for him they are not real people, but just garbage.

Photo: Moscow Agency / Avilov Alexander

The actor cannot understand how it was possible to leave his native country, which is why the people were disappointed in it. Livanov noted that although he had to film abroad and receive offers to stay in other countries, the thought of leaving Russia never arose.

Earlier it was reported that Irina Khakamada published a photo in a swimsuit. Details in material Public News Service.

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