Yesterday the 71st edition of the prestigious and renowned beauty pageant took place Miss Universe, which was celebrated in the city of New Orleans, United States. 84 candidates from all over the world competed to win the crown, and although all the predictions affirmed that Amanda Dudamel Newman, representative of Venezuela, He was going to keep the crown, the victory ended up being taken by the representative of the house, generating controversy throughout the world.

The vast majority of the public is not happy with the results that occurred yesterday at Miss Universe, where R’Boney Nola Gabriel of the United States, was the winner of the crown, despite the fact that the representatives of Venezuela and Dominican Republic they did a much better job than the 28-year-old model and designer.

The tension that is experienced in networks is incessant, Amanda Dudamel was undoubtedly the most prepared contestant and with the best content to win the eighth crown for her country, widely known as “the world power in beauty pageants.”

The 23-year-old speaks English, Italian and Spanish, is a fashion designer, sustainable fashion designer, polyglot, philanthropist, model, seamstress, has three charities, provides employment to more than 100 women and feeds more than 800 children in the poorest and largest neighborhood in Venezuela, Petare.

His victory was almost assured, the main missologists worldwide they gave it as the absolute winner. However, the surprise came on the final night, when Miss United States ended up taking the win.

The comments and criticisms of the Miss Universe organization They have not been long in coming, social networks are flooded with criticism due to the suspected choice of the new winner of the contest. Many affirm that the new owner of the contest would have accepted that img, previous owner of the pageant, agreed to crown a United States representative before they left the franchise.

Several celebrities also spoke before the results, among some to highlight are Cardi B, Maria Celeste, Julian Gil, Marko Music, Mariam Habach, among others.


The truth of the matter is that at the moment Amanda Dudamel has gained many more followers on her social networks than R’Boney Nola, despite the fact that it should be the winner who takes all the prominence at the moment.

And you, did you agree that Miss United States prevailed over the impressive Miss Venezuela?