January 7, 2023, 05:08 – Public News Service – OSN

Government United States of America blocks each of the offers to buy oil fuel, which is necessary in order to replenish the strategic reserves of the state. This is due to too high cost or the inability to find a resource with the right specifications. Bloomberg news agency writes about this.

Special attention is paid to the fact that the Ministry of Energy of the country refused a number of requests in the February period. The publication put forward the theory that the department will postpone the acquisition to a later date.

“The Department of Energy will only select proposals that meet the required oil specifications and at a price that is a good deal for taxpayers,” reads the test of the published article.

Recall that the representative of the company from China and the Minister of Mining and Oil of Afghanistan Shahabuddin Delawar signed an agreement according to which the Chinese company receives the right to operate oil deposits located in northern Afghanistan.

And besides this, in 2022, 167 mineral deposits were discovered on the territory of Russia. We are talking about 37 sources of hydrocarbons, as well as 130 deposits of solid minerals. Details read in material Public news service.