The US administration intends to blacklist Chinese flash memory chip maker Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp (YMTC) and over 30 other Chinese companies, which will prevent them from purchasing certain types of products. reported Bloomberg on Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg sources, the US Department of Commerce will list YMTC and other Chinese companies on the list of organizations and individuals acting contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests (US Entity List), “as early as this week.”

Companies on the list are blocked from accessing American technology. They can only be shipped with a special export license from the US Department of Commerce.

Recall, in November, due to political pressure, Apple refused to purchase flash memory chips from YMTC, and Samsung Electronics was chosen as an alternative supplier. In the US Senate Apple threatened unprecedented checks in the case of buying chips from the Chinese for the iPhone 14.

Note that the United States is consistently undermining China’s ability to create advanced semiconductor products. Washington shapes anti-China alliances entices global chip manufacturers to their territory, announces companies of the People’s Republic of China as a threat to national security, limits access to leading Chinese manufacturers to American technology.

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