The controversy generated by the election of the new miss Universe on Saturday, continues to be a trending topic around the world. And it is that now there have been several web and journalistic portals of the USA who have stated that the representative of their country, R’Boney Nola, did not deserve to take the universal crown over the candidate of Venezuela Amanda Dudamel which was the top favorite of the 71st edition of the contest.

The victory of Miss USA, R’Boney Nola, in the Miss Universe 2022 he has even upset a part of the population of his country. And now the renowned portal TMZ has made harsh criticism of the 28-year-old, they have also criticized the Miss Universe organization and the Miss USA organization, which now belong to the transgender mogul Anne Jakrajutatip.

The newspaper Daily Mail He was also reporting that the irregularities that were seen in the contest are almost the same as those that were seen in the celebration of Miss USA, where R’Boney Nola represented the state of Texas and several of her colleagues in the contest denounced the organization for fraud, causing the president of the company to resign from her position.

Dudamel impressed throughout the broadcast, especially with his heartfelt responses to certain questions. His outfits were also less ridiculed than what R’Boney wore, particularly in the costume category… when he took the stage in a WILD moon landing outfit. » he quoted TMZ.

The US portal continued to state the following:

“Apart from all this, many point to what appears to be an obvious conflict of interest of Jakrajutatip and company. His corporation bought Miss Universe last fall for $20 million, and with it came the rights to Miss USA… which falls under the same umbrella.”

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?