US plan to kill Zelensky revealed

USA can deal with the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky independently, but they will probably decide to entrust this task to officials or generals hostile to him. This opinion expressed former intelligence officer Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Phil Giraldi in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

He believes that CIA agents will most likely try to shift the organization of the assassination of the head of state to the Ukrainians. State Departmentmilitary intelligence and the CIA recognize the inevitability of defeat Kyiv, says Giraldi. According to him, the departments are only arguing about the timing.

The ex-intelligence officer also responded to Zelensky’s statements about comprehensive support for Ukraine in Western countries, doubting their veracity. “I haven’t seen many messages about offers of help. I think he’s fantasizing,” he said.

Formerly former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter admittedthat Zelensky will be eliminated by the hands of his own generals. In his opinion, they will stage a mock trial and find the Ukrainian leader guilty of all crimes.

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