American authorities force their allies to increase sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation. This is reported The Wall Street Journal.

According to the reviewer Iana Telly, official Washington switched to a policy of “quiet diplomatic efforts.” He noted that the United States is in regular contact with Russia’s trading partners, trying to convince them of the need to introduce restrictive measures against Moscow.

“The states are calling on allies to tighten sanctions against Russia,” the journalist stressed.

As the author explained, the White House controls the actions of the European Commissioner for Financial Services and Markets Mairead McGuinness, which is responsible for the process of developing new restrictions. He is convinced that such US behavior should be taken as direct pressure on Europe.

In addition, Telly added that the economic system of the Russian Federation was able to withstand being hit by sanctions. This was done, among other things, with the help of the supply of energy carriers to states that refused to impose restrictions, the observer concluded.