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Ural Airlines did not want to let a pregnant passenger on board

A pregnant resident of Yekaterinburg and her fiance encountered problems while boarding a Ural Airlines plane in St. Petersburg.

In a conversation with the portal, the girl explained that their flight was delayed by more than 3 hours. All this time they were watching the board so as not to miss the new boarding time.

“As soon as boarding was announced, we immediately got up and walked towards the exit; we had to walk for 2-3 minutes, but two minutes later, when we could already see our exit, they announced that boarding was completed,” she noted.

According to the girl, she was allowed on the plane, but they refused to punch her fiance’s ticket because he got into an argument with one of the airline employees. The employee even promised to call the police.

As a result, the couple got on the plane only after the girl talked about her pregnancy.

In Novosibirsk, a one-year-old child survived after falling from the 18th floor. More details read the material Public News Service.

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