We tell you what kind of work employers offer remotely and how much they pay for it

Remote work is a great option for those who do not have the opportunity to work offline

Remote work is a great option for those who do not have the opportunity to work offline / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

First, the global epidemic of coronavirus, then the war in Ukraine shook labor market, radically changing its features. The most important change that we can observe is the growing popularity of hybrid work, which in turn forces employers to provide all the conditions for their employees to work online.

“Today” will tell you what kind of remote work they offer and how much they pay for it.

Yes, by data Work.ua, employers offer from 4 thousand to 600 thousand UAH. It all depends on the vacancy itself, your knowledge, skills and experience. The average salary is 21 thousand UAH

The lowest salary that we managed to find in the search for offers is 1500 UAH. The employer is looking for smm managerwho is willing to pay from 1500 to 3000 UAH for a few hours of work per week. The main duty of an employee is to maintain a page on Instagram, write posts, create video or photo content.

The highest salary is sales manager in a young startup project in the digital technology market. The employee is offered from 30 to 600 thousand UAH. Among the requirements:

  • knowledge of English at level B1;
  • 1 year experience in sales;
  • age from 20 to 35 years.

Also, rather big money is paid to such workers:

What jobs are offered without experience?

The following positions do not require experience:

  • manager for sales to an online store (UAH 15-25 thousand);
  • assistant account manager on Amazon (UAH 12–15 thousand);
  • manager for sales with knowledge of the Polish language (UAH 12-15 thousand);
  • realtor (8-16 thousand UAH).

Who are employers looking for now?

According to analytics portal “Opendatabot”, in Ukraine the number of operating companies is increasing, and the number of vacancies is growing. Most of all, people with working specialties are in need, but this trend has not affected IT specialists.

For example, on the OLX Jobs website, the number of vacancies for people in blue-collar occupations has reached 41,978, although just a week ago there were 32,023 job search ads.

In addition, already 71% of cafes and restaurants in the country have resumed their work. At the same time, rail ticket purchases are declining, and taxi bookings have resumed to pre-war levels.

In June, the number of registrations of new businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, also increased.

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