It was agreed that the center-thirty-year center in the middle league match against Slovakia (1: 2) will only take an hour to enjoy the applause of the Republic once and for the last time.

Only seven thousand people drank to his last trip to Letna. The winner will play two duels of the season, Sparta will play outside – on Sunday the league derby in Slavia and five Wednesday finals of the Cup in Slovakia. Then Dokal ended the career.

Zatm m za domc louen.

From hit the king slowly, he stopped, glanced at the stands and gave the round of applause. When he was at the bench with Adam Hlok, who hit the city, he put his captain’s hair on him.

According to caloric information, Hloek also played for Sparta at Letn for the last time, in the nineteen years, talent has gone abroad.

When the match ended in an unfavorable 1: 2 score, the fans whistled. But only a mole, then Dokal slammed into a hit. He reigned with his sons Samuel and Mateo, passed the hit and gave a standing ovation. The spectators stood at the tribunch and thanked him for what he had done for Sparta.

Before the return, he did not leave the tunnel first, but full last and a few seconds behind the others. He went through an alley created by his substitutes, co-players and those who were not nominated for the match. Punished zlonk Ladislav Krej mlad wore a jersey with his name on the walls.

During the match, Dokal scored a single gl of darkness, after a foul, Hancko turned into a penalty kick. He walked to the press center. He blushed, looking sad.

There was a short conversation. He spoke slowly, in a quiet, moving voice.

Thank you for drinking. Club, he screwed up. And the teammates I saw were sick of making the evening special for me. I had another result, but I will never forget this day, Dokal said.

What was going through your head in the 60th minute you stood up?
Lots of things like a whole day. Even if the hunter wants to concentrate on the game, the circumstances do not allow it. It was an evening I will not forget.

He scored a penalty after a foul on the court. Didn’t you want to kick her?
Just before the match, I figured that if it was a penalty, we shouldn’t change anything. Hanci is a reliable dv. The furnace was just a league race, points were played and it would not be good to put it into an exhibition or farewell. Dvid looked at me, asked if I wanted to go, but I left it to him.

The last house is a mess. Did she break the mistake?
It would probably be nice if we won 3: 0, the whole team dominated, people got caught and the atmosphere was stormy. But even so, I experienced the moments that result.

You have two matches before you – derby in Slavia and the final of the cup in Slovakia. How will it be for everyone in a week, when they have to go through a period?
Don’t be afraid that we won’t hear each other, especially in the finale. I’m sure we all do a hundred percent. It would probably be nice if we went there knowing we were in the lauf. But finle is one specific way in which the current form and such a big role does not play.

Then definitely close. Furnaces only: didn’t you rush?
No it does not. I did not decide during the day or before, it was not a matter of one or two ways. I’ve been at it for a long time. I had enough time to grind. The reason for quitting was much more than for continuing.

I waited, and the moments will come when I will announce it to the boys, the leaders and the public. I expected what would happen to me. If I suddenly start smoking, if I’m nervous.

No, nothing like that happened. I think it has been confirmed that this decision was final.

Some friction agrees that you would Spart mlpod what dt. Thanks to that lp, or h?
This is the first one of the things I did for it. Mon one of the most important was that I realized that I would be much better off when I finished two or two years later, not if I did it a year later.

You have been in Spart with a two-year-old since 2013. You have won one league title. If you knew, would you enjoy it this time?
I wouldn’t change anything. I enjoyed it to the fullest. We all longed for them. I remember how we wanted him because of Mr Matjovsky, who was all too busy. I realized for a long time that this does not mean that I will collect titles for you. It’s too strong for you. But let me admit that I knew there would be more. Objectively, it didn’t stop me, it was dark, but in the end it was different. There’s a young must here, and I just hope it works out soon.