At the beginning of 2020 the pandemic did not yet exist, the British royal family, under the command of the Queen isabel IIwas in a period of prosperity, but even so that the prince harry and his wife, Meghan Marklethey announced that they are leaving, and that the royal duties are over.

Which slowly became a pain for the royal family, but the question keeps growing: why? Now what?, what do they do? Duke and Duchess of Sussex to survive?.

At the end of 2022, almost three years have passed since they left the family, and the questions begin to have answers and the vast majority answered it in just 59 seconds, that is the duration of the trailer for Harry Y meghan.

The documentary for Netflix is ​​the first major project of the prince harry and the trailer begins with the most anticipated question, “whatWhy did you make this documentary??the female voice asked with a worried tone. Since that is the question that Millions of people ask themselves around the world, to later begin to show intimate photos of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle, many of them unpublished.

We can find selfies, photos in the countryside, kisses in the kitchen, dances at his private wedding, photos of the pregnancy, and of his dogs, with soft background music, and then the voice of a man with a British accent answers:

No one can see what goes on behind closed doors.

One minute of footage and a few words from the main character suggest that this project will be deeply personal and that the British royal family will not end well.