Unobvious causes of headaches in the morning have been named

Insomnia and alcohol consumption are common, but not the only factors that provoke morning headaches. About the unobvious reasons for this condition told neurologist Nasima Shadber to The Sun.

According to Shadber, patients with headaches often wake up in the morning. sleep apnea. According to her, their sensations can resemble migraine attacks, when throbbing pain appears on one side and is accompanied by photophobia and nausea. Another option, the doctor continued, is pain around the head. The same happens in patients with depression or anxiety disorder.

Another possible cause of headaches in the morning, Shaber said, is taking painkillers too often. To relieve discomfort, she advised taking painkillers no more than 10 times a month or twice a week. “There is a very small chance that morning headaches are caused by increased pressure in the brain due to a tumor or neoplasm,” the doctor said. She clarified that in this case the pain will be constant. In addition, over time it will begin to gradually intensify. It is not uncommon for other symptoms to appear, including flashes of flickering light or partial loss of vision.

Previously endocrinologist, nutritionist Maria Skibitskaya suggestedwhat foods help with headaches. According to her, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios help saturate the body with energy and support the nervous system.

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