United States announced a reduction in the ability to provide assistance to Ukraine

Assistant to the US President for National Security Jake Sullivan said that the ability of Washington to assist the Ukrainian authorities is shrinking every day because Congress does not allocate additional funds for these purposes. TASS reports his words at the briefing.

“Every week it becomes more and more difficult for us to fully fund what we believe is necessary to provide Ukraine with the tools and capabilities that it needs to defend its territory and attack,” Sullivan said.

According to an aide to the American leader, the United States remains capable of providing military assistance to Ukraine. Still, if full funding were received, Washington could do so “on a more sustainable basis.”

On November 12, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on the social network X (formerly Twitter) called on the US administration to stop funding Ukraine and focus on internal problems.

In October, Business Insider wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin relied on the fatigue of Western countries from constant aid to Ukraine, and his plan is being implemented.

The United States and Ukraine began negotiations on security guarantees for Kyiv.

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