“Vojta Křišťál advised me. The solution came from the pre-match video, where we noticed that the Vlašimi players were jumping out of the wall,” admitted the twenty-two-year-old midfielder with a smile. “I tried undershooting them and it worked out great.”

In the summer training, you did not convert even one of the eight attempts into a win. Now that it’s finally about second league points, it worked out right away. Was that the intention?
(smiles) The preparation was not about results. We mainly wanted to try to play against first league opponents. We gained experience, we had a quality game workload. And now it just turned out that we are well prepared.

In the very first round, you beat an opponent who played a playoff for the first league last year. Is such a win all the more valuable?
I personally want to win every game. It doesn’t matter if it’s Vlašim, Chrudim, or Sparta B… So I don’t distinguish it in any way.

You personally entered the new season with two goals scored. You probably have to be satisfied with such a performance.
Oh yes. I’m glad it fell there. And I hope it will continue that way. (smiles)

Can you remember the last time you scored two goals in one game in the second league?
Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever succeeded.

So a pleasant premiere?

Coach Kameník talked about the fact that now, above all, it is necessary to confirm the points from away in the home environment. Do you agree?
Certainly. If you don’t win at home, points from away are almost worthless, you could say. It must be confirmed at home. We will work on it. And I hope it pays off.

During the summer, you played all the preparatory matches on outdoor pitches. Are you looking forward to playing against Olomouc B in front of your home crowd?
Certainly. We will be happy if some fans come. We also have a new lawn, so we are looking forward to it.