Under the song “Katyusha” Pronsky front-line soldier Vasily Starov remembered how Lidia Ruslanova performed at the front

On the eve of Victory Day, May 8, 98-year-old front-line soldier Vasily Starov came to congratulate and sing together the legendary “Katyusha” the head of the administration of Pronsk Viktor Radko, the regional council of veterans and representatives of the youth administration.

The soloist of the Pronsky House of Culture Anastasia Belyavskaya, accompanied by Maxim Melekhin, touched the soul of a soldier with the legendary Katyusha. The front-line soldier told the guests how they listened to the songs of Lidia Ruslanova before the battle. She performed with a concert at the forefront. Vasily Ivanovich lives alone in a small house on Staro-Streletskaya Street. Only he does not feel lonely, social worker Natalya Kochergina takes care of him. Nikolai Sachkov, a frequent assistant in his house and chairman of the veterans’ organization of the village. On the eve of the holiday, schoolchildren from Pronsk whitewashed the facade of his house and cleaned up the territory.