We talk about the features of the exchange of damaged banknotes and when they may not be accepted

Briefly about the features of the exchange of damaged banknotes

Briefly about the features of the exchange of damaged banknotes / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

It so happens that the banknote is damaged – rubbed or torn. In this case, it needs to be changed, and banks should accept such money if they do not have signs of a fake.

At the press office National Bank of Ukraine clarified which banknotes are accepted and what features of the procedure.

Cashiers in banks accept without restriction money with signs of wear or damage (have scuffs, dirt, stamp prints, tears and cuts, holes, torn edges or corners). However, there are a number of nuances, since banknotes must:

  • keep the whole part of the area from 55%;
  • the cut parts have the same numbers and series.

Damaged banknotes made up of two or more parts, banks are required to withdraw from circulation and accept for examination. Check such banknotes for authenticity and payment. According to the results, clients are reimbursed the corresponding amount in national currency. Counterfeit banknotes are withdrawn from circulation and do not reimburse the cost, and the case is transferred to law enforcement officers.

Worn and damaged hryvnia banknotes are exchanged at any bank in Ukraine – free of charge and without restrictions. Damaged foreign currency banknotes are accepted at the cash desks of authorized banks and financial institutions for collection. They are sent to a foreign bank, which issues new ones for replacement, and the corresponding amount is returned to the owner.

What banknotes are not accepted?

According to the rules established by the NBU, banks and legal entities are not allowed to accept banknotes damaged by fire or water, liquids or chemicals by more than 55%.

Banknotes affected by the action of chemical, radioactive or other chemicals can only be accepted if there is a disinfection document.

Minail services

If there is no time or desire to wait for the verification procedure, you can use the services of a quick exchange. In ordinary exchangers, they can accept any banknotes in 5 minutes without documents.

However, the exchange rate there is very different from the official one. The more damage the banknotes have, the less money will be given to the owner, of course, a commission is also provided for the service.

Ukrainians in Poland will be given another 700 złoty

German charity Diakonie Katastrofenhilfe will pay Ukrainians in Poland 700 PLN (UAH 4593) and PLN 600 (UAH 3869) – for each other family member. Payments will be made within three months.

The financial assistance program is aimed at supporting Ukrainians who have found refuge in Poland after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Preference will be given to those who are in critical need of money.

A citizen must cross the border after February 24, not to receive more money from other organizations. Support will be provided if a person with a family lives but does not work in Poland and there are no sources of income. People over the age of 65, pregnant women, mothers with two or more children can count on finances if someone in the family suffers from a chronic or serious illness.

“Today” used to write that in the Czech Republic will be more strictly controlledwhat and how much support the Ukrainians receive, and also said that credit data PrivatBank’s clients were “leaked” to a Russian bank.