I’m glad they didn’t follow the road to Serhiy Griin looking at the destroyed Russian tank T-72 near the village Dmytrivka on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. I hope that there are more cities with the destroyed equipment of the Russian, he told him, only to bring in the city to take pictures with the ruins.

Ukrainians who in the early days of the invasion they fled the fighting around Kiev, now they are gradually returning after the Russians, after an incomplete offensive, eventually swept away towards the Donbas. Still, there was calm, a number of devastated Russian machines were waiting on the roadside along the roads.

Nvtva wreck is according to the leaf The Washington Post has become a kind of catharsis for many civilians. A number of them drank in wolves by very many and the sight of ponien equipped with the need to give them a sense of pride that Ukraine has so far managed to drive Russia out of the vicinity of its capital.

Let me realize that this is the reality

Viktoria Jarmukov and her husband Igor are among those who drank a picture of Dmytrivka. In the burrow, they fled their home in Bua, which has become synonymous Russian strata pchanch on Ukrainian civilians. Both men took pictures of each other on the site of one of the rusty Russian wrecks.

I feel like I’m hanging out on a really scary movie. When I see it on my own, I realize that it is a reality, Jarmukov described. And the first reality is what many dreams get here, while they break through the mud full of empty cartridges and crutches from Russian uniforms.

Lithuanian Karolis Kairy, Griinv ptel, who arrived in Ukraine for the delivery of vehicles for the Ukrainian army, wants to take photos from the city on Facebook. Some of my friends do not know that Ukraine has reached a hurry to fight. In Russian propaganda, he thinks that they are not tanks, that it is all staged, he said, while he was in front of an oreel transport.

When looking at the vehicles, he thought about what had probably happened on this road. Ukrainian soldiers described it in two reports that one of the T-72 tanks was destroyed from a nearby forest with the help of a rogue RPG.

It is important to imagine how many people have lived here to make it happen. I think some people sacrificed their lives so that these tanks could not get to Kiev, said civilian Mychailo Kalynjuk, according to whom the country should be preserved as a testimony to the Ukrainian losses.

Znien Russian technology is lying around in nearby Hostomel, where Ukrainians with neptele waged a relentless battle for the local army to fly. It’s a lost life, but it was their decision to come here, says Roman Djauk, he just took a picture with a bunch of friends.

Znien Ukrainian equipped is much t 잚 najt. The Ukrainian army has been in recent weeks intensively focused on the renewal of its vehicles and try to repair them or at least remove usable ones. It also wants to minimize the visibility of its own losses.

Thus, a number of Russian vehicles needed to be removed, especially on the debtors, in order to restore the flow of traffic. In many cities, the bag remains, or the technology is needed to force forces to enter the ground.