According to the regular mucus of the Ukrainian army from Friday, the 79th day of the Russian invasion, it seems that the situation on the fight has not changed, wrote the Russian-language server BBC. The Russians in Donbass, near Kharkov, are retreating and retreating, and in other cities there is a long-distance news server.

The British Ministry of Defense announced that Russia had heard a center of forces in the Izjum and Severodonsk region, and their goal was to fight their way to Kramatorsk and Slovyansk and thus withdraw Ukrainian troops.

In the Luhansk region, Russian troops have long been trying to gain full control of the city of Rubine, toily and to the municipalities in the Donetsk region, including Marjinka, which they gained in April under the control of the Ukrainian branch. In the direction of the Zporo rut, the troops osteled the Ukrainian position along the front lines, according to the Ukrainian general tb.

The Russian army thus strengthens border protection with Ukraine in the Kursk and Bryansk region. The Ukrainian army, referring to available information, stated that Moscow moved to the border dlosteleck troops to shelter municipalities in the Ukrainian Ernihivsk region.

Nien most dog eku Severn Donc

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian forces managed to prevent the ruth soldiers from crossing the Severn Donc river to the west of Severodonsk. Russia has demanded a large number of military equipment corresponding to at least one battalion of tactical groups and equipment used to build a pontoon bridge.

The British Ministry of Defense describes the efforts to overcome the Czech Republic in the current situation as a high-risk maneuver, which testifies that the Rut commander is under pressure to make some progress in operations at the entrance of Ukraine.

Satellite images taken on Thursday afternoon show a rise from a dense forest west of the river. According to them, they are also fighting in the area where the Russian bridges were located.

Even with a thick smoke screen, you can see the object according to the fact that there is a bridge of Russian troops that hells the whole river. Pictures taken by drones show that the two previous bridges are not led by Severn Donc.

The governor of the Luhansk region Serhiy Hajdaj said on Wednesday that ruth soldiers had long been trying to build bridges across the Czech Republic. He said that Ukrainians repeatedly throw them into povt. On Thursday, the Ukrainian general announced in regular mucus that the Russian forces had managed to beat the North Donts near the city of Lyman, ie upstream.