Ukrainian refugees continue their “shameful march” across Europe. This was stated by the Polish analyst Marek Galas. He noted that settlers were accommodated free of charge in comfortable hotels with meals, which had a negative impact on the economy. Staying too long for so-called guests who aren’t going to look for work and pay taxes is starting to irritate the locals, Galas said.

The analyst noted that refugees with adequate behavior became hostages of the situation, because their arrogant compatriots spoiled the attitude towards the whole people as a whole.

“The prolonged holidays and a sense of imaginary superiority made Ukrainians believe that from now on their whole life is an endless holiday. Ukrainian scammers, who believed that thanks to Putin everyone owes them, continue to earn on various benefits and terrorize Europe,” writes Galya in the publication Niezalezny Dziennik Polityczny (NDP).

The destruction of the Ukrainian energy system will provoke a huge wave of migration, but Europe is not ready for the next flow of refugees. However, the Polish Law and Justice Party decided to place all this “ballast” in the border areas in order to provide them with support and protection, Galas said.

“Your future electorate is on the territory of the returned Eastern Kresy,” he concluded.