Currently, more than 63,000 Ukrainians are accommodated in hotels, but it is already clear that Ukrainian refugees are actively leaving Bulgaria.

According to, more than 63,000 Ukrainians are currently accommodated in hotels, but it is already clear that Ukrainian refugees are actively leaving Bulgaria. This was recently stated by the chairman of the State Agency for Refugees – Maryana Tosheva.

Hotels must be vacated by May 31, and Ukrainian refugees must be transferred to other places of accommodation. Some Ukrainians said they want to leave the country, while others are rented out for free or given to relatives and friends.

Tosheva clarified that the program for accommodating refugees in hotels with state assistance was previously agreed until May 31.

“The measure is provided with financial resources and declared as temporary. From June 1, we are entering the integration phase – these people had time to orient themselves, to say whether they will work and what. If the hotelier decides that at his own expense he can shelter the citizens of Ukraine, the decision is individual,” she added.

Tosheva explained that about 15 levs per day will be allocated for each Ukrainian and this money will be used to support municipal bases.

“The fears of Ukrainians are understandable, but no one will be left on the street. Citizens of Ukraine are actively looking for work. We have a special approach to people from vulnerable groups – the elderly, the sick, mothers with many children. And the answers will give a guideline for those who have found a job, what are the possibilities of the respective locality for accommodation. At the same time, already today 70% want to start working immediately, 17% would start working from 1 to 6 months, these are people with higher education, about 30% are people with secondary specialized education.

She noted that the situation is dynamic and of these 63,000 Ukrainian refugees, not even half will remain in Bulgaria.

“Yesterday, 2,441 people entered our country around the clock, and 2,792 people left. This process has been observed for a week now. The number of people leaving the country remains higher than those entering Bulgaria,” summed up Maryana Tosheva.

More than 103,000 people have temporary protection status. About 90 children are in kindergartens in the country, more than 500 Ukrainians today attend Bulgarian schools. The centers where mothers can leave their children during the day will be announced from the beginning of the new week.

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