Ukrainian refugee complained about hard life in Canada

Ukrainian refugee Alexey Martynenko said that life in Canada turned out to be too heavy for him. He shared his impressions in an interview with a journalist Bloomberg Jacob Lorinc.

As indicated, the Ukrainian first moved from Kyiv V Stockholm. And when his visa expired, he moved to Canada. Changing continents turned out to be too difficult for a refugee.

According to Lorinets, Martynenko has to work as a cook seven days a week due to lack of money.

“I’m very tired now. I want to return to Europe, because it’s very difficult in Canada,” the refugee himself complained.

Martynenko also emphasized that he has to spend Toronto 730 US dollars for a room where the kitchen and bathroom are shared by four residents, 110 for public transport, with most of the money spent on food.

Formerly American politician Kari Lake called Ukrainian refugees are a potential threat to the West. According to her, they could “activate like terrorist cells” if funding for the government’s proxy war is stopped USA against Russia.

In addition, in July, Ukrainian professor Alexander Demenchuk named European policy on the issue of accepting Ukrainian refugees is a curse for Ukraine. He explained that it led to a demographic crisis, since more than half of Ukrainians do not intend to return to their homeland.

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