Moment from the Prometheus match
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The inclusion of Ukrainian female champions in the highest Czech club competition is part of the Czech Volleyball Association’s long-term assistance to Ukrainian volleyball after the invasion of Russian troops in February.

“Based on our good relations, the president of the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation asked us if their champions could play in our top competition and play the basic groups of the Champions League. The Executive Committee of the Czech Volleyball Association decided positively in May and sent an invitation letter to the club. And on Monday, July 11, a meeting took place in Lviv, where everything was definitively confirmed,” said the vice-chairman of the union, Martin Gerža, in a press release.

Ukrainian women will play in the extra league and Champions League in Kutná Hora.

“The Extraliga will definitely benefit from this and its quality will improve. SC Prometej Dnipro has an excellent team. The regular confrontation of our clubs with a representative opponent is definitely to the benefit of Czech volleyball. In addition, SC Prometej Dnipro has ambitions to advance from the basic group of the Champions League, which was the last time some ten years ago in the most famous era of Prostějov,” said Gerža.

The Ukrainian club will pay for all operations and activities in the Czech highest competition from its own resources.

The women’s Ukrainian national team will also find a base in the Czech Republic, which will play its qualifying matches for the 2023 European Championship. “We started helping Ukraine sometime in March. We provided accommodation, food and a sports field to three Ukrainian youth national teams – 60 Ukrainian players and their coaches spent two months in the Czech Republic,” said Gerža.

The head of Ukrainian volleyball, Mykhaylo Melnyk, is grateful for the help. “I myself spent ten days in the occupied territory and watched the passing Russian tanks from the window. Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian Volleyball Association’s priority has been to help get the children who play volleyball out of there, which was also possible thanks to you,” he added to the address of the Czech association.

In the spring months, Prometheus basketball players settled in Nymburk, where they played a Champions League match under the leadership of Ronen Ginzburg, before prematurely ending the season. However, they settled in Riga for the 2022/23 season and, in addition to the Eurocup, matches in the Latvian-Estonian league await them. The women’s basketball team is also a part of the team.