estilet David Karavajev will be one of the three Ukrainian children who will start the first classes in Perov, the city of Zlatovsk. He and his mother and sister fled the Zporosk area in front of them. neither David nor his mother.

According to the teacher Kateina Bradov, the boy was ready. We learned that in Ukraine, children have to write in the first place and know what is absolutely not expected in our children, as is the first week, Bradov said.

She accompanied David in the file and praised him. He swam without difficulty, recognized colors and shapes, and recognized words. He then left the file with a pinned badge with the logo of the wheel he entered.

Ukrainian elements sit from z to the same benches as esk children. They will not have special days, but there will probably be a problem with ethics.

Some of them did not even go to the bowling alley, so they will probably need a dime. But we are a bicycle that provides language training for foreigners, so let’s deal with it. It is the longest time for them to communicate easily, described Jana Prokopov, editor of Palack√Ĺ in Prostjov.

The Ukrainian children drank to write there and they are all drunk until the first time. A total of twelve Ukrainian elements have joined the Prostjov base rounds since the beginning, and the same number of children will then start going to different mothers.

At the special time there are Ukrainian children

A douovn or a special pedagogue will help the little Ukrainian.

Even children who have ethina as their mother tongue do not speak Czech in the first week. You have speech therapy defects, with which a special teacher will help them, who will eventually deal with a Ukrainian child. However, we will be specifying the specific form of the douovn, explained the director of Z Za mlnem in Perov, Petr Zboil.

Most of the editors recommended intensive training in the holidays so that they could understand at least a basic freeze.

We advised the dog to join the ethina course so that they could at least catch some words and understand something. There will be a problem with the understanding, but there will be a writing for you. That is why it occurred to us that we would have tablets available to them, which we have from various projects to play in translation as needed, the director of the Olomouc basic school at Tererov, Jaroslav Hla, told Terruh.

According to him, it would be appropriate to create special classes, one for the first to the first and then the second for the children from six to nine. In these teams, you would then meet twice a week with an ethina lecturer, who would be very helpful with their students.

Unfortunately, we will have only 14 Ukrainian children in total, and that is two groups in two, one of which would not be suitable due to the different ages. I don’t think there will be that many of them on the day of the stock round, so we will have to handle it individually, the director specified. After writing in Z to Tererov nmst drank thi elements.

There are capacity problems in stamps

Ukrainian children in all districts in the Olomouc Region enrolled in the first weeks and in the mother rounds. According to the town hall, Soni Singer, eight future elements appeared in the file and eleven children were interested in mothers. However, Rodie will have to supply the necessary documentation.

Two elements should get on the Jesenice bikes, but one is for the time being to ride with a question.

The family would flourish and the situation would improve if Ukraine did not start the round, then Helena Machov from the Jesenice Department of Collegiate, Culture and Sports explained.

In Olomouc, each of the bikes listed its dates, but then the city can’t estimate. Adaptan groups on bicycles visited about a hundred days, but not all were preschoolers and not all cyclists started.

Twelve preschoolers came to the adapted groups, but we don’t know how many of them will start in the first weeks. Hana Fantov, head of the Olomouc Master Department, described what I have talked to the editors so far.

The capacities of the basic wheels are sufficient, but the problem is still in the mother wheels. For example, in Perov will have to increase capacity now.

six children were working on a special file in the mother’s office, but due to the fact that it was full, we had to allow the exception of the maximum number of children in the Czech Republic in some days, said the head of the office of Perov Mayor Daniel Novotn.