Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers accused of robbery and shelling of Kherson

Senator from Kherson region Igor Kastyukevich in his Telegram- the channel accused the soldiers of the Armed Forces Ukraine (UAF) in robbery and shelling of the residential sector in the controlled Kyiv city ​​of Kherson.

“Kherson residents from the right bank write that more and more different ‘massed soldiers’ are coming to the city, who put on their uniforms and go to rob the remnants of the civilian population that are there,” he said.

Kastyukevich added that after this the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at residential buildings. In addition, a ban on entry into Kherson from territories controlled by Ukraine and control over everything, including the military, the senator said.

Earlier it became known that Ukrainian military personnel would be prohibited from visiting Kherson. About it reported head of the regional military administration Alexander Prokudin. Only soldiers serving there will now be able to enter the city.

Also in the region was introduced no alcohol law. It will be impossible to purchase alcohol in most settlements of the right bank of the Kherson region.

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