January 7, 2023, 20:53 – Public News Service – OSN

Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile system “Osa” mistakenly shot down airplane MiG-29 APU. This was told by the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Sablin, who went to the special operation zone as part of the BARS “Cascade”.

In his Telegram, he posted a message in which he announced a tough response from the Russian Armed Forces to Ukrainian militants who darken Christmas. According to him, the Russian military, with the help of the Lancet drone, destroyed a self-propelled artillery mount, from which the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at Donetsk.

“Near Kurakhovo, the Ukrainian Osa air defense system shot down its own, Ukrainian, MiG-29. We just contributed a little. Punishment of the Lord to those who desecrate Christmas,” Sablin added.

A special military operation continues on the current and former territories of Ukraine from February 24, 2022. The main tasks of the SVO are the demilitarization and denazification of the republic.

Earlier, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States of America for Russian Federation, Ukrainian and Eurasian Affairs Laura Cooper announced that the Ukrainian military would begin training in the use of Patriot air defense systems in January of this year. More on the topic read in material Public news service.