Ukraine’s entry into NATO is unacceptable. Moscow refused to see Kyiv in the alliance in any form

Introduction Ukraine V NATO in any form unacceptable for Russia. About it stated Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia Maria Zakharova.

According to her, Ukraine cannot join the alliance “in parts or without any parts.” The diplomat recalled that Moscow consistently opposes joining Kyiv to NATO since 2008, when this proposal was first announced.

With a corresponding statement, the representative Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the words of the former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. That offered accept Ukraine into the alliance without the territories lost by Kiev. Rasmussen discussed this issue with the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak in preparation for the July Vilnius NATO summit.

NATO is thinking about concessions to Russia

Formerly NATO Assistant Secretary General David van Wiel statedthat it is becoming increasingly difficult for the alliance to support Ukraine, but the alliance is not aimed at stopping assistance, since, in its opinion, this would be a “blow to international security.” At the same time, he emphasized that there is a consensus in NATO on the need for support as such.

In August, NATO Secretary General’s Chief of Staff Stian Jenssen admittedthat the conflict with Russia will be resolved if Ukraine renounces the territory and receives membership in the alliance in return. However, later he refused from his words, noting that they were “part of a broader discussion about possible future scenarios in Ukraine.” According to Jenssen, he should not have said that.

At the end of October, the head of the NATO Nuclear Policy Directorate Jessica Cox statedthat Kyiv is not yet ready to join the alliance. According to her, the Ukrainian side still has a lot of work to do. At the same time, NATO says that it expresses support for rapprochement with Kiev.

Ukraine refused to be divided into parts for the sake of NATO

Commenting on Rasmussen’s proposal, Advisor to the President’s Office Vladimir Zelensky Mikhail Podolyak statedthat Ukraine does not need offers to give up part of its territories in exchange for some guarantees and membership in NATO. “I like (sarcasm) periodic strange proposals for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. For example, sometimes you can hear the wonderful suggestion that Ukraine could supposedly easily join NATO… piecemeal. However, the solution can only be large-scale military-technological assistance to Ukraine,” Podolyak assessed the proposal.

Zelensky himself earlier accused NATO is absurd. “It is unprecedented and absurd when there is no time frame for both the invitation (!) and for Ukraine’s membership; and when instead some strange wording is added about “conditions” even for inviting Ukraine,” the president’s statement said. In his opinion, this is similar to NATO’s unwillingness to invite and make Ukraine a member of the alliance. He noted that Kyiv deserves respect from the bloc.

In October, Front Populaire journalists came to the conclusion that Zelensky have to make concessions to end the conflict. In their opinion, a simple ceasefire or freeze will not help resolve the conflict; complex negotiations will be required. Zelensky will have to agree to a number of conditions to ensure peace as Western support begins to fade. Thus, Kyiv will have to admit the loss of territories, abandon its aspirations to join European Union and NATO, enshrine in the constitution the use of the Russian language on an equal basis with Ukrainian, and also go through a limited form of demilitarization. The latter, the authors of the material note, can be compensated by a mutual defense treaty between Ukraine and Germany, Poland And France.

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