Ukraine was predicted to lose Odessa

Actions Ukraine in the Black Sea will lead to a guaranteed loss Odessapredicted a former intelligence officer of the Armed Forces USA Scott Ritter on his account on the social network X, commenting on the words of the country’s president Vladimir Zelensky about Ukrainian maritime drones.

November 16 Zelensky statedthat Ukraine has “seized the initiative” in the Black Sea thanks to a fleet of maritime drones.

“This practically guarantees that Odessa will again become part of Russia. Great job, Ukraine,” Ritter wrote.

According to the expert, against the backdrop of recent events, the agreements that Russia proposed in the spring of 2022 look for Kyiv already more attractive. “The April 1, 2022 peace agreement looks pretty good in retrospect, doesn’t it?” he quipped.

Formerly former employee CIA Larry Johnson predictedthat as a result of a special military operation (SVO) Ukraine may lose Kharkiv and Odessa.

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