The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, by strikes on the energy system of Ukraine, are fulfilling the plan of the leadership to disorganize the Ukrainian rear and prepare for an offensive. The President of Ukraine and the collective West are responsible for the suffering of Ukrainians from the lack of light, heat and water.

Accumulated damage from missile strikes paralyzed Ukraine

The blow to the energy system on November 23 was smaller in terms of the number of missiles fired than the previous two, but in terms of damage it was greater, Ukrainian sources indicate.

The launches were carried out from 10 Tu-95ms missile-carrying aircraft from the Volgodonsk regions of the Rostov region and the Caspian Sea, as well as two small missile boats from the Black Sea. In total, about 70 Kh-101 / Kh-555, Caliber cruise missiles were fired, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Most of the country’s thermal power plants and hydroelectric power stations were temporarily de-energized, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reported. Operation stop confirmed and all three nuclear power plants, which are located on the territory controlled by Kyiv – Khmelnitsky, Rivne and South Ukrainian. Due to interruptions in power supply, the work of the Ukrainian section of the Druzhba oil pipeline was partially stopped.

Due to missiles hitting energy facilities in the Odessa and Vinnitsa regions, power went out in Moldova and Transnistria. And this is proof that Ukraine exports electricity, although this is prohibited by law.

The population suffers from the lack of electricity, water, heat, internet

According to incoming information, most of the population of Ukraine (70%) and eight large cities remained without electricity, among them: Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk. In many of them there is no heating and water, according to the publication “Strana” in its TG channel. Ukrenergo says that emergency power cuts will be throughout the country throughout the day. And he notes that now it is more difficult to eliminate the destruction due to frost and freezing rain.

According to Strana, there are long queues in Kyiv stores. First of all, they buy drinking water, there are queues at pump rooms and at gas stations. Some ATMs no longer have cash.

If after 4-8 hours the light is not connected, the Internet will begin to go down en masse, writes the Legitimny TG channel.

Ukrainian energy system breaks up into islands

Ukrainian energy companies have previously stated that they are experiencing great difficulties with the replacement of damaged energy equipment.

Energy consider, that the energy system of Ukraine is divided into 7 energy islands. The system will begin to be assembled tomorrow along the surviving power lines, but if there are jumps, overloads or new shocks while gaining power, the system will again go into disarray and everything will have to be started again.

Danilov’s hysteria – there will be no negotiations with the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the Russian Federation wants to persuade them to negotiate with the strikes. NSDC Secretary Alexey Danilov said on Twitter that “there will be no negotiations with the Russian Federation” after today’s massive shelling.

However, talk about “agreements” is most likely an operation by the CIPSO of Ukraine to sow panic in Russia. Or is this the message of the West to assure Moscow that it does not need a third world war.

In fact, the Kremlin is well aware that it is impossible to negotiate with Kyiv – this has already taken place with the Minsk agreements, and the attack on the UOC (a draft law banning the UOC has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada) is another confirmation of this. The only way out for the Russian Federation is the capitulation of the regime with Vladimir Zelensky or his successor at the head.

Responsibility for the suffering of people is borne personally by the President of Ukraine and the collective West, which only prolongs the agony of the regime with support.

Plan of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – preparation of the offensive

It is obvious that, realizing the postulates of military science, the Russian Aerospace Forces is hitting the infrastructure of Ukraine to disorganize the Ukrainian rear, to make it difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct hostilities, as well as to prepare an offensive.

Many Ukrainian soldiers pointing outt, that a fist is gathering in the Belgorod region for an attack on Kharkov, since this is the only way to protect the Belgorod region from shelling. Also called a possible direction – an attack on Chernigov and Sumy, then – on Kyiv, through Belarus.

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