January 6, 2023, 12:48 pm – Public News Service – OSN

The Global Fire Power analytical center has published a ranking of the most powerful armies in the world according to data for 2023. This year Ukraine for the first time entered the list of the first 15 countries in the world with a strong army. This is reported by “Military Affairs”.

The Global Fire Power portal has published a list of the strongest armies in the world. It is reported that the first places, like last year, are occupied by armies USA, Russia and China. However, this year the Ukrainian army has significantly risen in the ranking of strong armies according to Global Fire Power and moved to 15th place.

According to the source, military analysts are considering more than 60 different factors for the PowerIndex – a measure of firepower. In addition, the analysis takes into account the logistical, economic and geographical factors that affect the country’s armed forces.

The source notes that some military analysts have expressed doubts about the accuracy of the data used at the Global Fire Power Center. It is reported that the descriptions of the armies of all countries consist of “vague” links to sites without direct indications of research. Regarding Ukraine, it is noted that the increase in its power is associated with the support of other countries.

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