Gazprom’s statements about “gas subsidence, which was assigned to Moldova, in Ukrainian storage facilities” is an outright manipulation, since all the volumes of gas that were received at the entry point from Russia were transferred at the exit points from Ukraine to Moldova in full, which is confirmed by all the necessary documents, declared in the Operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

The company noted that the documents were signed with all related operators, one of which is Gazprom itself.

At the same time, threatening to reduce the volume of transportation to Moldova, the Russian company is trying to deprive this country of the opportunity to use the Ukrainian GTS and underground gas storage facilities and block the practice of virtual reverse, which Ukraine and Moldova began to use this autumn.

“This is not the first time Russia has resorted to using gas as an instrument of political pressure. This is a gross manipulation of facts to justify its decision to further limit the volume of gas supplies to European countries. obligations, obviously, for political rather than commercial purposes,” said Olga Belkova, Director for Cooperation with Government Agencies and International Organizations.

Recall that Gazprom threatened to cut gas supplies through Ukraine to Moldova from November 28 if “the transit imbalance persists.”