Petro Poroshenko said in a video message that Ukraine calls on Bulgaria to join Russia’s oil embargo.

According to, Petro Poroshenko said in a video message that Ukraine calls on Bulgaria to join Russia’s oil embargo. The ex-president of Ukraine stated this in a video message with participation in the conference “NATO after Madrid: a lesson from Ukraine”, organized by the Atlantic Club together with the Spanish and US embassies in Bulgaria, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the NATO Public Diplomacy Department.

“I hope that Bulgaria will join the embargo on oil imports from Russia. This is the shortest path to our victory,” Poroshenko said.

According to Poroshenko, the only way to win, to stop the danger from Russia, is to de-Putinize Russia and de-Putinize the world. According to him, without sanctions against Russian gas and oil, it will be much longer and more difficult.

Petro Poroshenko also said that the NATO summit in Madrid could become truly historic if an action plan for Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance is adopted. He added that this is the correct answer in the current situation.

Deputy Defense Minister Yordan Bozhilov said that it is very important not only to correctly assess what is happening in Ukraine, but also to take the right actions. These correct actions are mainly related to strengthening our security, capacity, military potential within NATO and the EU, Bozhilov said. We expect that the NATO summit in Madrid will be a decisive step towards strengthening ties in the Alliance, towards building a more capable and cohesive Alliance, Bozhilov added.

Yordan Bozhilov also noted that the main message addressed within NATO and individual countries is to increase resilience, counter hybrid threats, disinformation, and propaganda. Only then will we be able to make the right, strong decisions, he said.

“Over the past almost 80 years, since 1939, the Kremlin has organized a total of at least 25 aggressions against independent states. This shows that once every four years, Soviet, Russian and Red troops invade a sovereign state. I want to hear when the world and NATO say “that’s it,” said Atlantic Club president Solomon Passy.

According to Passy, ​​our membership in NATO and the EU is one of the six brightest dates in the history of the Third Bulgarian State, along with the Liberation, Unification, Independence and Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

The director of the Diplomatic Institute, Tanya Mikhailova, said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the rules-based international order and created a geostrategic reality that has exposed vulnerabilities, including those of allies, especially on NATO’s eastern flank. After the Russian aggression, it should be clear to all of us that Russia is no longer a strategic partner and this should also be taken into account in this new geostrategic reality,” Mikhailova said.

She said that by working with the EU, NATO can further strengthen our position of deterrence and defense against hybrid and cyber challenges and threats that cut across all areas of our lives. Unfortunately, Bulgarian society is still subject to hybrid and disinformation campaigns, the intensity of which is higher in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mikhailova said. She noted that politicians, diplomats, journalists, civil servants, experts, young people have a responsibility and their role in being aware of this problem and solving it. If earlier we lived in peace, that the strategic foreign policy choice of Bulgaria is an immutable constant, then in the light of today’s constant for the entire European continent, we already know that this choice must be defended categorically and daily, said Tanya Mikhailova.

Among the participants of the conference were also ex-president of Bulgaria – Rozen Plevneliev, commander-in-chief of defense Admiral – Emil Eftimov, Bulgarian ex-ministers of defense, diplomats.

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