January 4, 2023, 19:32 – Public News Service – OSN

Prime Minister Great Britain Rishi Sunak promised that he would be able to ensure that inflation in the kingdom was halved during 2023. It is reported by TASS.

According to the Prime Minister, inflation must be reduced, as it seriously affects economic position in the country. Reducing inflation will significantly reduce the cost of living and, as a result, provide British citizens with greater financial stability.

Sunak also promised to work on legislation against illegal migration. The main directions of the work of the Conservative Party this year, Sunak called the development of the economy, the reduction of the accumulated national debt, as well as the reform of the National Health System.

Earlier, the Public News Service aired discussions with the participation of ex-Minister of Labor and Social Development, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation Sergei Kalashnikov and Chairman of the National Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights Pavel Shapkin. Experts shared their forecasts for the possible inflation rate in Russia in 2023. More see material.