Prigozhin wants to capture Bakhmut with all his might, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are giving a rebuff to the “Wagnerites”.

The invaders are constantly shelling Bakhmut / photo

Taras Berezovets, officer of the first separate special-purpose brigade named after Ivan Bohun, described the situation near Bakhmut. He noted that both “mobiles” and mercenaries of PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin “Wagner” operate there.

Live with Russian oppositionist Mark Feygin, Berezovets told how the “Wagnerites” operate. It turned out they had a very brazen tactic. However, this still does not help the invaders to capture Bakhmut.

“As for the Donetsk direction, everything is complicated there by the fact that everything is going on there in the conditions of a real shooting battle. There are assaults with a frequency of 7 to 10 a day on the same positions. shelling – MLRS, tanks, cannon artillery, mortars, grenade launchers. Then they (the Russian military – UNIAN) begin to storm, go just in frontal attacks. That is, the meaning of this is to capture Bakhmut in order to open the gates of Donbass. Because if you take Bakhmut, your operational space is already opening further, you go out, there you go along the chain of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka and Konstantinovka,” Berezovets said.

According to the officer, the invaders really want to break the line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and therefore they are storming the Bakhmut direction. The Russian Federation first throws “mobiks” to storm, which make senseless attacks. The main goal of the mobilized is to open the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Berezovets noted. Behind them is the Wagner PMC. According to an officer who spoke with the Ukrainian military from the Bakhmut direction, the “Wagnerites” are working quite well.

Wagner has its own schemes, aviation, artillery, mortars, tanks and has its own assault groups. According to the officer, at first the mercenaries work for several hours with tanks, artillery and mortars. At this time, they are trying to covertly approach the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Sometimes they approach at a distance of up to 50 meters, that is, their work accuracy is filigree – 100-250 meters. They fit as close as possible, and then, at the final stage, they already work out with grenade launchers. Again, the fighters cannot raise their heads. And when it’s already the last shot is fired from a grenade launcher or a mortar, they literally jump into the trenches in a few moments, and actually hand-to-hand combat begins. , which is very difficult in conditions of poor visibility or night combat,” the officer said.

The “Wagnerites” began to act this way from the end of September, when they lost the battle for Kharkov, and throughout October. And now such tactics are observed less frequently, because the ZSU effectively hit the mercenaries of Prigozhin PMC, they are becoming less and less. According to Berezovets, the “Wagnerites” were very arrogant, but the defenders of Ukraine pacified them.

However, for Prigozhin, the capture of Bakhmut is a “fixed idea”. The founder of the PMC is trying to “keep the brand”, and therefore, Berezovets noted, this is his personal war for recognition in the Russian Federation.

“He (Prigozhin – UNIAN) wants to put him (Bakhmut) at Putin’s feet and say: ‘Look, your Shoigu, your Surovikin,’ has shit,” the officer added.

He also noted that Prigozhin does not use “meat”. Wagner fighters who were taken prisoner say that they are undergoing a two-month training course. They are prepared on the territory of the Russian Federation or Belarus. According to the officer, the “Wagnerites” are prepared for literally everything.

“Recently, the percentage of “prisoners”, that is, convicts, has sharply jumped. There is a contingent of over 80%. But there are also so-called “Africans” – those who fought on the territory of Syria, the African countries of the Central African Republic. These are the most dangerous, the most trained. And the mobilization resource is practically inexhaustible, but its quality is very low, they don’t know how to fight,” Berezovets said.

The officer gave an example when the Armed Forces of Ukraine see “mobiks” from the UAV that “get bored”. They are concentrated in one place, although by all the rules they cannot be in one place. As a result, the Ukrainian military “cover” the invaders with artillery. The blows are so powerful that the mobs simply cannot raise their heads. They do not even try to group, hide. After that, they are found dead, with their mouths open, Berezovets added.

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The situation in the Bakhmut direction: what is known

Earlier, Andrei Ilyenko, an officer of the Svoboda battalion, said that near Bakhmut everything is littered with the corpses of the enemy. He also predicted that the winter campaign in the Donetsk region would be hot.

After that, Colonel Svitan spoke about the bridgehead for the destruction of Russians in the Donbass. There are rashists suffer heavy losses:

“The Russians can’t gain a foothold, because the artillery has already taken aim. The sailors from Vladivostok were at least halved there in the early days. For them, now this is a point of application of force, although Pavlovka itself does not matter. If they are hooked, this is a very good springboard for us to destroy the Russian troops.”

After escaping from Kherson RF transfers invaders to Donbass. Russian troops are trying to strengthen their positions in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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