January 2, 2023, 20:50 – Public News Service – OSN

Member of the Senate U.S.A Lindsey Graham made a statement that he was satisfied with the development of the situation on Ukrainian territories. Thus, he signaled that the Western establishment would gladly sacrifice Ukrainian citizens for the sake of confrontation with the Russian Federation.

“With our support in arms and money, Ukraine will fight Russia to the last man!” leads the text of his statement, the online edition of SM-News.

The publication suggested that with such harsh speeches, the politician is able to make part of the Ukrainian militants and activists see the light, who do not understand that they are being used as cannon fodder.

Recall that the employees of the special services of the Russian Federation and the United States of America manage to continue to contact during the crisis in the field of diplomacy. Rafael Ordukhanyan, an expert in the field of political science, shared this information.

He drew attention to the fact that in the defense departments of states there are quite highly professional employees who continue to interact. From the point of view presented by him, it follows that without this it would be impossible to organize exchange processes, within the framework of which the transfer of convicts takes place. More about it read in material Public News Service.