The Kampa Museum also published it. On its front page, on the one hand, the venerable Meda Mldkov is mentioned, and according to a famous reader: Fives are culture, nations are born. On the back, Kupka’s work is fascinated by three bln ern blacks from 1926.

Mr. Meda didn’t take napkins, she was kind, remember Pospil


Mldkov was known as the promoter of the work of little Frantik Kupka and as a woman who, through the once the Iron Curtain, helped the Czechs in the middle of the 20th century.

Meda Mldkov was born on August 8, 1919 in Zkupy in northern Bohemia. From 1948 she lived in exile, first in Switzerland, later in France and finally in the United States, helping compatriots. In 1955 and 1960, she studied art at Pai. In the French capital, she met the little Czech origin Kupka, who started picking him up.


The party announces the dead patron Meda Mldkov

To present her art collection after the revolution, she chose the dilapidated Sovovch mln building and founded a foundation. Prague acquired the building of the future museum from the city in 1997 and Mldkov leased Sovovy mlny from the city for 99 years.

The collection contains 220 paintings and drawings by Kupka, statues of Otto Gutfreund and a dog of 1000 long Czech and Slovak artists from 1965 and 1985. He donated his collection before his death in 2002 to the Mldk Foundation, a founder and collector of art Ji Kol.

She was a truly admirable lady and an extraordinarily intelligent hunter. Sometimes she didn’t take napkins, her words might hurt someone, but she was always kind to me. Kala herself, emv sob such an American pmostness, Ji Pospil, chairman of the board of directors of the Jan and Meda Mldkov Foundation, recalled a weekly pass.

Debating dream has always been a boon. She was not only funded by the arts, she also had a doctorate in political and economic sciences. She watched the public day in great detail. She was close to eskmu dissent, to Vclav Havel. She supported the banned artist. She was not just a widower in the archive, who wrote essays about Kupka, she was a public figure, he added.