As one of the mandatory requirements for driving, we all understand the function of a helmet for safety. Not only to avoid police raids, but also as a safety tool to minimize the worst possibility when something unexpected happens. The shape and trend of helmets from time to time also undergo different changes.

Uniquely, by looking at the helmets worn by the riders on the streets, we can guess what the typical wearers are like. Although not everything can be equalized, but for the most part you will feel relate with existing phenomena. The following is a list of the most common types of helmets found in Indonesia and the typical types of users. Very unique!

1. If you see people on the streets wearing these helmets, usually people are completely resigned. Anyway, the important thing is to wear a helmet, no matter the model

Helmet dealer / Credit: Shopee

2. Next, there is a helmet which is usually worn by family heroes. Very salute, the streets are like friends everyday

Family hero helmet / Credit: Motorplus

3. Existing in 2010-2013, helmets with highlighter colors like this must often be worn by local slang children. If on the highway the most shiny auto!

Helmet highlighter color / Credit: Bukalapak

4. Although it looks very old school and not fashionable at all, the owner of this helmet is usually a Chinese person who has many shops and is full of wealth~

Helmet NSX / Credit: Shopee

5. One type of helmet that is typical of the wearer must always ride a motorcycle aloft. Just imagining how to get up is already hard

Helmet trail / Credit: Shopee

6. The classic type of children’s helmet, but doesn’t have an automatic Vespa. Usually often found on Scoopy riders and various types of other classic motorcycle models

Suddenly classic / Credit: Hobimen

7. In Jogja, this helmet is famous for its helmet clich. The reason is, the users are usually teenagers who like to make trouble on the streets. How about at your place?

Helmet klitih / Credit: Shopee

8. Helmet is annoying, the wearer is usually the elderly. For example, if we look to the right or to the left, usually the helmet is in a straight position

Helmet sucks / Credit: Olx

9. The helmet is a motorcycle boy who likes to speed on the streets. Once we hear the sound of the motorbike, it seems like we want to scream and no one will hear it

Expensive helmet / Credit: Shopee

10. One of the most random types of helmets in Indonesia. Usually the wearer comes from among the brothers who are actually really fierce

Doll helmet / Credit: Helmet box

11. Lastly is the children’s helmet artsyusually this helmet wearer has a hard level of understanding art

Artsy kids helmet / Credit: Suara

If you’re crossing the street, try to pay attention to the motorcyclists from time to time. Guaranteed you can easily find half of the row of types of helmets above. Although image It’s ridiculous that circulating to the public is like that, not all of them have the same type.

But, if you think about it, who started the trend of helmet models like number 10 and 11, right?