the leader of TXT, Soobin, chatted with fans on Thursday, July 28. The group is in the United States for the tour ACT: LOVESICK and will be featured in lollapalooza Saturday. Soobin spent hours chatting with MOA. Among the comments was the joke about btsYoongi marry me“.

ask Suga of BTS his hand in marriage became a joke current in the BTS fandom after ARMY frequently asked Suga to marry them during their live broadcasts. The ongoing prank has also plagued other BTS members’ live streams.

Only it’s not just BTS members who are affected by the problem; some BTS fans have started to leave comments on TXT live streams.

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While Soobin was on live, he was met with a familiar comment when a fan asked, “Yoongi, will you marry me?Instead of ignoring the question, Soobin read it and got a response hilariously blunt.

you are on the wrong channelSoobin replied before continuing.

Although Soobin had an iconic answer to the question, it sparked discussions about when it was appropriate submit that comment. Fans are beginning to feel that the issue is already overused with BTS and it’s disrespectful to include it in other groups’ live streams.