It is not a secret to anyone that the boys from bts They are currently the most popular KPOP group of the moment, the seven boys have managed to capture the attention of all the media thanks to their incredible talent. Although, other KPOP groups have also been exposed to the treatment of BTS members, especially those of their own company HYBE.

That is how Soobin of txt He has finally broken the silence and after several years of debut, through a live he decided to expose the true personality of Jin, the oldest member of BTS. With an extensive revelation, the 22-year-old TXT leader recounted Jin’s treatment of them when Soobin and her group members were trainees. The boy said:

«You know since our debut, whenever someone asked who my BTS bias was, I always said it was Jin Sunbaemin, the reason for that is because… Actually, the reason I went to the big audition was because of BTS’s music. . I really liked everything from their debut album, I listened to every single track, their mixtapes, the hidden tracks they posted on YouTube…

I really loved their music so much and after I passed the audition, BTS would always come in when we were practicing in the basement room and we would all move to the vocal room. Every time Jin Sunbaenim came in, he would greet us very nicely and be very apologetic about having to move us to another room.

When they gave us the debut lineup, he asked when we had time and said he wanted to eat with us sometime, but we all went to work and he brought us pizza and said ‘I really wanted to eat and talk with you, but it’s too bad. that we can’t, so at least eat this between yourselves

That was very touching for me as a trainee back then and all his actions and words were very kind. This is how he became a sunbaenim that I really respect and love very much.«. This is how the TXT leader demonstrated what many of us already knew, that Jin from BTS has a huge heart with a truly admirable personality.

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