Soobin’s txt has been exposed when talking about his relationship with Q from THE BOYZ, and it is that the boys are so close that they have fallen for rumors of having a secret courtship. The evidence presented is totally compelling, of course, that it makes more sense to just be best friends.

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And it is that the boys have been extremely close, through the last few months, Soobin and Q have shown their honest love with really charming gestures, Soobin even attended a concert of THE BOYZ just to bring flowers to Q, something that fans loved.

And it is that the boys cannot see the perfect occasion to talk about each other, they even share matching bracelets, this was Soobin’s idea and of course they Q He was totally delighted with the gift. And it is that not only Soobin He has had this kind of gestures, because Q has been very reciprocal.

Choi Soobin even appeared on a Korean TV special where they were celebrating Q’s achievements, without a doubt, these interactions have MOA Y THE Bs in love with the incredible tenderness that idols exude with their interactions.

Of course a friendship is more obvious, in different forums it is rumored that the boys actually maintain a engagement in secret, due to the way in which they treat each other, although the companies of both idols have not made any statements about it.