The singer Beomgyu of txthas shown his love to Jin Member of bts With a touching gesture, the scene is making many fans’ day.

The relationship between the members of txt with the singers of bts occurred since the group txt debuted for the first time, letting know bts how much they were appreciated and respected. From that moment the interactions of the members are closer.

And although they are so common, this scene between them has melted the hearts of their fans, showing the strong friendship between the two.

This happened when the two groups were promoting together on a music show, and while some sang to cheer up the audience, the lead singer of bts he did not have a microphone nearby to carry out his work.

Then, as if out of the blue, Boemgyu he quickly ran across the stage trying not to be noticed by the fans and very calmly handed a microphone to Jin. The member of bts, he looked surprised, but with a bowing gesture he thanked her for this.

And to continue thanking the great act, Jin he threw his arm towards the singer of txt, and kept him by his side for a long time. The smile between the two couldn’t be helped, leaving their fans smitten by their touching friendship between them.