The group of kpop, TXT, It has gone viral on social media after their performance where they appear dancing and singing”without pants«, The fact has made an impression on the fans, who have not hesitated to replicate the moment on their social networks.

The unexpected performance took place during a concert of the group in Korea, Well, when the time comes to interpret «magic» and doing their famous choreography, fans noticed that nothing was covering their bottoms. Recently the fact has gone viral on different platform accounts TikTok Y Twitter.

The group txt that he did not expect to generate this type of comment, he was embarrassed because his intention was not to give a concert without pants, even less in front of millions of fans who visited them from different countries.

And although they thanked their fans for reporting the situation, they made it clear that apparently it was a mistake on stage with the lighting, but that they did have the right clothes for this type of show, although their followers continue to be suspicious. of his performance.

It seems that the boys’ outfit did a trick on them, because their outfit was complemented with some pink, almost skin-colored, skin-tight pantsand adding to this the poor lighting on the stage, it actually seemed that they sang in their underwear, because even they themselves were amazed when they saw the videos.