By tradition, at the end of the year, freelance correspondents of the Saratov regional organization of the Education Trade Union met to exchange experiences, learn and make friends. 2022, declared the Year of Corporate Culture in the trade union, was special for them.

Participants of the media seminar at the Solaris Lyceum

From seminar to media forum

At the beginning of the year, the editorial board of the newspaper of the regional organization of the trade union “Prosveshchenets” took part in the competition of materials on socially oriented topics, organized by the Union of Journalists of Russia, and received a grant for development.

The newspaper will turn 35 next year, it was born in the war time for the trade union in the 1990s. Today, the publication has three appendices: the magazine “Mforum” for young people, the almanac “They are in the fate of each of us” about veterans of pedagogical work, as well as an electronic magazine about a healthy lifestyle, the first issue of which was published this year.

In September, the Saratov Prosveshchenets with its applications was presented at the 26th All Russia Forum of Modern Journalism-2022 in Sochi.

As a result of the established friendship with professional journalists, this time the traditional trade union information seminar was held on a special scale. Together with freelance correspondents of the trade union, editors of the municipal media, teachers responsible for the production of school publications, and advisers to directors of education became its participants. And they dedicated the meeting to raising the prestige of the teaching profession.

At the exhibition in the Saratov Lyceum “Solaris”, on the site of which the seminar was held, school, district, regional publications were presented, telling about the problems of education and the affairs of the trade union.

Let’s talk about the teacher!

Deputy Minister of Education of the region Irina Chinaeva noted the timeliness of the topic raised, recalled how she worked at school for ten years until she became a manager. Today, the requirements for the teacher, his professional and personal qualities are increasing. It is not easy to comply with them, but it is all the more important to raise the prestige of the profession, the status of a teacher, including in the eyes of students.

In Solaris, this task is solved by the school media. The lyceum has its own media holding with the newspaper “Apelsin”, TV and radio studios. The participants of the meeting were pleased with the video report prepared by the lyceum students: the guys from different classes answered the question why they love their teacher. They, it turns out, see everything and notice everything!

Lyceum director Elena Perepelitsina said that the teacher had gone through a period of “educational services”, moved “from a culture of usefulness to a culture of dignity.” He himself learns to be happy and teaches his students to be happy. Today he is a blogger, director, innovator, community leader.

The head of the lyceum media holding, deputy director for educational work Olga Miroshnichenko unites teachers, children and parents in the preparation of school publications.

When Solaris started working five years ago, only young teachers were gathered here. Together with their students, they experiment, write the history of the streets of Saratov, their educational institution. In the press club, children are fascinated by creative work not only by teachers of the Russian language and literature, but also by mathematics, physics, and other subjects. By the way, for all the years not a single teacher quit the lyceum.

Team defense of school newspaper projects

Best Author Awards

At the seminar, the chairman of the Saratov regional committee of the trade union, Nikolai Timofeev, presented awards to the most active trade union correspondents – the winners of the corporate contest “We are a team!”, bloggers and authors of magazines.

The statuette of the prize-winner was given to Tatyana Potekhina, chairman of the Marx city organization of the Trade Union of Education, one of the authors of the almanac “They are in the fate of each of us.” It is not the first year, on her initiative, that the release of the regional newspaper “Volozhka” on Teacher’s Day is entirely dedicated to the achievements of educational institutions.

Vladimir Petrovich, head of the department of the Saratov Regional Institute for the Development of Education, was awarded a trade union award for maintaining a historical and educational blog. The blogger, trainer-teacher and chairman of the trade union committee of the Dergachev Youth Sports School Aleksey Chikankov and a veteran of pedagogical work from Balashov Valentina Arseniy, who writes the heading “I like to read books” on her blog, were also noted.

The chairman of the trade union organization of the Bazarno-Karabulaksky district, Nadezhda Shevchenko, managed to conclude an agreement with the newspaper Vestnik Raion on regular publications on education topics. It is no coincidence that she came to the meeting together with the editor-in-chief of the publication, Anna Bochkareva. Nadezhda Petrovna herself writes sketches and correspondence, which win creative competitions. She also received an award at the seminar.

The newspaper “Soyuz Profi” was recognized as the best

Pro Union

A longtime friend of the regional committee of the trade union, chairman of the regional branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia Lidia Zlatogorskaya invited trade union correspondents to participate in her project to train young journalists, which this year received a presidential grant. This is another opportunity for new publications about the best teachers, increasing the prestige of the profession.

At the seminar, Lidia Nikolaevna acted as an expert on school newspaper layouts prepared by five teams of participants. The best recognized newspaper called “Profi Union”. It was presented by Svetlana Prakhova, who is implementing the television project “100 Tips for a Young Teacher” in Balashov. She explained the essence of the name: thanks to the partnership of two public organizations, the Trade Union of Education and the Union of Journalists, the work to protect the rights of a teacher and improve his status in society will become more effective.