Russian troops go through the destroyed area of ​​Azovstal. (May 22, 2022)
| photo: Reuters

Officers of various Ukrainian units were transported to Russia and TASS cited its source. He did not specify to which region of the Russian Federation they took them. The self-proclaimed pro-Russian separatist Donck People’s Republic (DNR) was taken out of the country, where, according to Moscow, they were moved after they laid down their weapons. Reuters noted that information about the transport of Ukrainian troops could not verify and Kyiv has not reacted yet.

The agency said that he was most likely a deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Sviatoslav Palamar, and the commander of the 36th Brigade, the Nshi Volynski Infantry.

The metallurgical arel in Mariupol, southern Ukraine, has long been Ukraine’s last baton of defense of this palace port city. The remaining troops surrendered in May after the persistent Russian revolutions, and the area was occupied by the Russian invasion forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an arrest in June that the Donck and Luhansk regions at the entrance of Ukraine should be driven by a rally of 2,500 Ukrainian troops who had been defeated by Azovstal.

TASS later wrote that more than 1,000 Ukrainian troops had been brought to Russia to take part in the defense of the metallurgical complex. Kyiv is working to ensure that the defenders of the Azovstal – among them, according to two Ukrainian officials, in addition to the Azov regiment, are members of the National Guard, infantry, territorial defense, border guards, police and volunteers – be exchanged for Russian troops captured in Ukraine.

Rut MPs nevertheless demand that some of the Ukrainian fighters from Mariupol be brought to justice. This is what the DNR representative wants, he is guilty of human rights.

The Azov Regiment and the 36th Brigda Nmon Infantry played a key role in defending the steelworks, according to Reuters. The original Azov battalion was formed in 2014 and was founded by one of the Ukrainian far-right and neo-Nazi scenes. This volunteer militia fought at the entrance of the country against separatists supported by Russia. Later, the group grew into a regiment. In addition to being faist or neo-Nazi. Ukraine claims to have been reformed and joined the National Guard.