January 7, 2023, 02:45 – Public News Service – OSN

Users of the social network Twitter criticized the publication Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he shared information that United States once again they allocated him assistance expressed in the means of warfare.

In his own message, the politician thanked American leader Joseph Biden and noted that the weapon, which turned out to be a Christmas present for militants, should help the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the line of contact.

A number of commentators reacted extremely badly to the fact that the American side again supplied the Nazis with armored vehicles and weapons.

“American taxpayers will make you a billionaire by the end of the conflict. That’s what is called “charity!” – a commentator under the nickname soulful_ali shared his indignation.

Another user supported him, noting that calling a weapon a “Christmas present” is extremely strange and ungrateful to the American side.

Another commentator was surprised by the behavior of Zelensky, who had previously independently postponed the celebration of Christmas in his country to December 25.

“End this war now. You are far from winning and are causing pain and suffering to your people and the whole world,” Djeat replied to the politician.

A user named Didimos accused Zelensky of destroying Europe and expressed hope that the US will stop sponsoring Kyiv when they manage to find out exactly where their funds go.

“You can have the entire arsenal of the US and the EU, but against Russia you will be the loser today, tomorrow and always. Your role is to encourage the stubbornness of the States, but for how long? The collapse of the dollar is inevitable, and Ukraine will become neutral,” summed up Efufola.

Recall that Captain Vasily Dandykin, who retired, made a statement that the militants of the Kyiv regime would be able to strike with Sea Sparrow rocket charges only when launched from the ground.

The specialist noted that this type of weapon can be used from the water, but it is also applicable on the ground. Its main task is to counter airborne targets such as aircraft and missiles. More about it read in material Public News Service.