The Miss Universe 2023 This year it has had the presence of two twin sisters, who are standing out on social networks and who are also fighting to win the crown.

The candidates of the miss Universe they are more and more excited about the final stretch of the contest, from now on they stand out which ones have more preparation, and the public from all over the world in a handwritten list already has who would be their favorites. But these two sisters have taken the favoritism of the pageant for their incredible beauty and experience.

The two ladies have achieved the dream of their lives, and clearly the contest has allowed them to share good and bad moments that they will surely remember.

It is about the two “twins”, Maria Fernanda Aristizabalwho contests as Miss Colombia, and Miss Soraya Kolhman, Miss Germany. The two have lately been sharing photos together on their social networks, which has generated various opinions of how similar they are physically, and they are even titled the “sisters” of Miss Universe.

What the fans highlight the most is the beautiful friendship they have, despite the fact that they should be opponents for the challenge of the contest.

But contrary to this, each one takes every opportunity to post photos together with messages of mutual support: «Brotherhood is being together, feeling together and getting up together«.

In addition to this, a particular photo has the followers in love, the moment in which each one helps the other to put on the crown, miss germany commented: «Royal queens fix each other’s crown. Life is not about comparison, it is not a competition. Life is about love, about sharing and caring for each other. It’s all about shining TOGETHER«.

The followers dismayed with the friendship and the resemblance of both have had various reactions: «Is this a twins game? One lives in Colombia and the other in Germany.«, «They really look like sisters«, «Two drops of water are the same«.