twice and BLACKPINK are undoubtedly two of the groups of kpop largest in the entire industry, and remain current despite the new groups that have installed new trends.

Both girl groups have been able to stand the test of time and have been consistently successful in their releases for over 7 years, thing that only other greats of the genre like girls generation They have achieved.

The agencies of both groups have known how to take advantage of the popularity that the girls enjoy, although when comparing, it is inevitable to note that the commercial performance of BLACKPINK has been slightly better than that of their gender partners.

More than 50,000 fans at the Bank of America Stadium, in Los Angeles, during a TWICE concert

Even so, the popular belief that BLACKPINK are more successful than TWICE has recently been called into question when comparing the number of concertgoers at each group’s concerts in recent years. USA.

A South Korean news portal made a comparison of the data and this is where we can see that TWICE has had better attendance at their concerts in the USA than BLACKPINK. It is worth mentioning that TWICE made history by being the first Kpop girl group to perform in a stadium outside of Asia, surpassing their peers.

In this table there are 6 columns, this is the translation of the name of each column from left to right:

AgencyArtistAttendees per show on averagetotal attendeesnumber of shows

When comparing the data we can notice how TWICE has a better number of attendees average to each of their shows, but BLACKPINK’s tour has a larger number of shows, so it will inevitably rise higher on the list.

It is also worth mentioning that both groups have had concerts in stadiums, which have not been counted in this table.