Singer Dominika Hakov at the Eurovision semifinals
| photo: Luca Bruno, AP

The Czech-Norwegian formation performed Lights Off as the last of the eighteen performers of the second semi-final evening. The procedure was decided by voting spectators and the jury.

In Saturday’s finale will feature twenty participants selected by the country and representatives of the so-called big birds, including Italy, France, Spain, Britain and Germany. Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, Armenia, Zerbjdn, Poland, Australia, Serbia and Belgium, for example, will compete for the race.

Eurovision is one of the most watched popular music shows in Europe. The most famous major is the well-known women’s group ABBA, which broke through in 1974 with the hit Waterloo.

Canaanian Cline Diono, who represented Switzerland in 1988, is one of the most famous people who succeeded. The Czech Republic represented itself for the first time in 2007. In 1968, Karel Gott spoke at the competition, which was then called the Eurovision Song Contest. At that time he represented Austria.